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Hibernate Performance Tuning

January 9, 2010

>Hibernate query performance tuning is a very big problem while coading.Tuning hibernate performance can be made easier by setting these simple properties in configuration file(default:hibernate.cfg.xml) or hibernate.properties

1)hibernate.show_sql —- true/false —- Writes all SQL statements to console. This is an alternative to setting the log category org.hibernate.SQL to debug.

2)hibernate.format_sql —-true/false—- Pretty print the SQL in the log and console.

3)hibernate.generate_statistics —-true/false—- If enabled, Hibernate will collect statistics useful for performance tuning.

4)hibernate.use_sql_comments —-true/false—- If turned on, Hibernate will generate comments inside the SQL, for easier debugging, defaults to false.

Hibernate Performance Tuning Document.
This document is very helpful for increasing hibernate performance.

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