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Shell script to find the disk space and report when disk is full

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# Set thresholds

# Get a list of all file systems.
filesystems=`df -k | grep -v Use | grep -v none | awk ‘{ print $6 }’`

for filesystem in $filesystems
# Results for this file system.
entry=`df -k $filesystem | tail -1`

# Split out the amount of space free as well as in-use percentage.
free_space=`echo $entry | cut -d’ ‘ -f4`
in_use_space=`echo $entry | cut -d’ ‘ -f5 | cut -d’%’ -f1 `

# Check the file system percent in use.
if [ $(expr “$in_use_space > $max_in_use_space” ) ]
echo “$filesystem has only $free_space KB free at $in_use_space%.”
# Check the available space against threshold.
# Only make this check if the in use is OK.

result=$( echo ”
scale=2 /* two decimal places */
print $free_space < $min_free_space” | bc)

#if [ $(expr “$free_space < $min_free_space” ) ]
if [ $(expr “$result != 0” ) ]
echo “$filesystem has only $free KB free.”




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Very Useful Code Snippets For Web Developers

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Log4j Exception while reloading the application in JBoss 5

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[20 Sep 11 01:52:47,779|STDERR|http-]log4j:ERROR A “org.jboss.logging.appender.FileAppender” object is not assignable to a “org.apache.log4j.Appender” variable. [20 Sep 11 01:52:47,780|STDERR|http-]log4j:ERROR The class “org.apache.log4j.Appender” was loaded by [20 Sep 11 01:52:47,780|STDERR|http-]log4j:ERROR [WebappClassLoader [20 Sep 11 01:52:47,780|STDERR|http-]log4j:ERROR “org.jboss.logging.appender.FileAppender” was loaded by [org.jboss.system.server.NoAnnotationURLClassLoader@1bc82e7]. [20 Sep 11 01:52:47,780|STDERR|http-]log4j:ERROR Could not instantiate appender named “FILE”. [20 Sep 11 01:52:47,819|STDOUT|http-]01:52:47,819 ERROR [SpringContext] Context file is not loaded, as Context file is missing.


This is due to the conflict occured between the JBoss Log4j and the Log4j in used in the application.

remove Log4j from the war file before deploying.

in the use Jboss Appenders insted of default log4j Appenders.

JBoss Log4j appenders can be found in conf/jbosslog4j.xml location.




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Caused by: Stream is closed apache cxf

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java.lang.IllegalAccessError at net.sf.cglib.core.ClassEmitter.setTarget(

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at net.sf.cglib.core.ClassEmitter.setTarget(
at net.sf.cglib.core.ClassEmitter.<init>(
at net.sf.cglib.core.KeyFactory$Generator.generateClass(
at net.sf.cglib.core.DefaultGeneratorStrategy.generate(
at net.sf.cglib.core.AbstractClassGenerator.create(
at net.sf.cglib.core.KeyFactory$Generator.create(
at net.sf.cglib.core.KeyFactory.create(
at net.sf.cglib.core.KeyFactory.create(
at net.sf.cglib.core.KeyFactory.create(
at net.sf.cglib.proxy.Enhancer.<clinit>(
at org.hibernate.proxy.pojo.cglib.CGLIBLazyInitializer.getProxyFactory(
at org.hibernate.proxy.pojo.cglib.CGLIBProxyFactory.postInstantiate(
at org.hibernate.tuple.entity.PojoEntityTuplizer.buildProxyFactory(
at org.hibernate.tuple.entity.AbstractEntityTuplizer.<init>(
at org.hibernate.tuple.entity.PojoEntityTuplizer.<init>(


Solution : Please add the cglib-2.2.jar and asm-3.1.jar to your class path.

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Hibernate: No CurrentSessionContext configured

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Groovy Quick Links

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