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Amazon Interview Questions

December 12, 2011

Written Test

  1. Given a linked list A->M->A->Z->O->N,move all vowels up front without disturbing the order.Output should be A->A->O->M->Z->N.
  2. Given a string like AAAbbbCDDD, encode the string in such a way that output should be 3A3c1b3D.
  3. Given a sorted rotated array.Find the rotation point where the array is sorted.Given 30,40,50,60,10,20.Output should be index 4.Time complexity should be less than O(n).

1st Round

  1. Given k sorted arrays.Count of number of elemenst in k sorted arrays are n.Construct the final sorted array of n elements say array[n].
  2. Given an n-ary tree.Serialize the tree int osome file system or some array and deserialize back to the original n-ary tree.

2nd Round

  1. Given a binary tree,find the max element out of all leaf nodes of a tree.When you found max element,after that that node will be deleted from the tree.Again you will have to find max element out of leaf nodes.
  2. Given a file , which have insert and delete operations enabled.You have to find first k most frequency words in taht file.
  3. You have given character set from a to z mapped from 1 to 26, A to Z mapped from 27 to 52.Given a string with possible characters are from a to z and A to Z like asF,encode the string by replacing with numbers.After encoding , decode it back to original string.

3rd Round

  1. Difference between Thread and Process.
  2. Inter process communication
  3. Semaphores and Mutex implementation.
  4. Synchronization
  5. Virtual memory
  6. Computer Architecture fundamentals like Physical Address Space and Virtual address space.
  7. Difference between Abstract Class and Interface in java
  8. When you say www.google.com, how does it works.
  9. Some things related to NAT card
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