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Encourage Open Source

November 7, 2009 Comments off

>Insted of buying costly applications go for open source softwares which are equally competent with the   commersial softwares.

For OS try Ubuntu insted of Windows
For Office Appications try OpenOffice instedof MSOffice
For Server try Ubuntu Server insted of windows
For antivirus try avg,Avast insted of macaffe,e.t.c

From Ubuntu u can download or even u can get cd’s by post.

Try opensource reduce ur pc Licensing costs.

Jay Ho Opensource

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>software for finding out system hardware information

November 5, 2009 Comments off

>If you are looking to upgrade the memory in your computer, you are probably wondering how many open slots you have, what type of memory is already installed, and what you need to buy for an upgrade… without having to open your computer.

Since you shouldn’t have to open up the computer just to figure out what you have installed, here’s a couple of options for detecting the type of memory already installed in your system.

Using System Information for Windows:

This is a open source stand-alone client.A portable PenDrive application available for download.

Download System Information for windows

Using the Crucial Memory Adviser:

This is a web based tool.Initially it will download a small appication to the system and gives a reliable information about RAM change.

Crucial Memory Advisor

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