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Excludin a jar file while buildinga war in maven.

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add a war plugin to the maven pom.xml file and exclude the jar file from it.

see sample below.


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javax.servlet.ServletException: Unrecognized HTTP request or response object

October 24, 2011 Comments off

This error occured while i am viewing my wsdl file deployed in Jboss-5.1.

Solution : remove all the servlet related jar files from war file before deploying.

remove geronimo-servlet_3.0_spec-1.0.jar fiel from the war.



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java.lang.RuntimeException: mapped-name is required for org.apache.cxf.binding.BindingFactoryManagerImpl/bus of deployment

October 24, 2011 Comments off

For me this error occured while deploying a application.war file in the Jboss-5.1.

Solution to fix this is Add


Add this dependency to your  pom.xml or add this jar file to ant’s build.xml file.


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